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标题: 环球商务公司 诚聘 全职商务顾问 (提供H1B) [打印本页]

作者: upla    时间: 2020-11-9 16:03     标题: 环球商务公司 诚聘 全职商务顾问 (提供H1B)

商务顾问(Merchant Consultant)
5 j% ]% v8 K/ ]; Q% J5 W! f! P地点: Las Vegas, NV
: }& O/ \9 ~, g, _* S# @( H5 Q& S4 [5 ?* N类型: 招聘+ `0 I0 t+ M! F  U) b, W; ^
性质: 全职
2 X7 D: n  l- @: e# B行业: 销售: n6 A2 z5 g7 e5 Y9 o9 u# y3 k3 w
名称: 环球商务(Universal Processing)5 [* ?6 }( r# v1 p2 \
0 H/ K5 E0 b' o. r' h& U

7 w0 e! S7 v: i职位描述:, h' `/ y) M0 n9 a# t
- 搜索潜在客户名单,通过电话及面对面的形式,向在美华人商家销售产品及服务: |: b! Z; M( L* v' @' r" F) c
- 分析客户信用卡处理收费数据,洽谈业务合作及发展和维护客户关系$ ^% ^" j9 v7 k1 K
- 开拓合作方和客户介绍,通过各种媒体进行市场宣传和推广
4 @/ o! v+ w% S# O$ Y( \9 s; {* V3 W7 h( I
职位要求:3 N6 V! I1 d2 E. z& U
- 沟通能力强,灵活应变,积极主动) D. J$ v4 L0 [7 C3 J" ~
- 抗压能力强,工作认真,有责任感8 W( e* {8 F& a% y6 ^7 i; u. U9 B
- 有电话及面对面销售经验者优先,英文熟练者优先
' d, k' q$ e9 g4 T  |0 a
4 e2 `* R' B4 T: r9 l; H* T薪资福利:6 o. `. M  h: L1 D1 W
- 高酬金,高奖金,无限累积收入及晋升机会7 Z1 s4 j# {7 @( J( t& e3 f: z! S
- 有机会参加公费活动,会展及旅游
) {' |0 G; m: D6 o& _" h- _- W% \8 T* F  Y

& V$ ]' I3 D/ i2 |* i
' D5 n! J$ S7 U& V$ r. Q& @有意请Email简历至:,请注明申请的职位名称和招聘信息来源。
, K" @, C" v3 A( Q0 A2 w1 `" E
. @$ O9 J6 R7 ]5 U: ]4 @
Title: Merchant Consultant (Full-time)
* w7 ~1 w* M/ p- d. EStart Date: Immediately
4 p: s+ j0 S& f! CLocation: Las Vegas, NV
' A' \+ C- F, F( Z) M1 Y4 Z
4 Z1 C. \' L" \3 jSummary:& `0 q$ D. r. h( r
Before you get into the details of the job, we want to ask you several simple questions:) E5 r; c# f$ L. e9 N
Are you passionate about helping small-to-medium-sized businesses to grow?Do you enjoy talking to new people and work in a team environment?Are you a hard-working person and excited about unlimited earning potential?
" f% J6 u+ r, q; y# u9 S7 N- Z4 `' {: D  U
If yes, we have an excellent job opportunity to turn your passion into an exciting career!5 N- t: ~* m, M1 ^8 G
Since 2009, Universal Processing has been committed to our mission to empower the under-represented small-to-medium-sized businesses to thrive in the United States through providing payment solutions. Differentiated from the mega credit card processing providers, our consultants and supports team speak the languages our clients speak, and we focus on ingenious customer service, care, support, and reasonable pricing. Our success story has seen us serving over 7,000 clients across the nation.0 s, `* r7 n; v+ N, P. ]1 Y
5 X& ?  b' [' ?9 K
A Merchant Consultant at Universal Processing uses solution-based, consultative selling approach designed to help our clients grow their businesses. A merchant consultant will help small to medium sized business owners achieve cost optimization objectives by accessing their current payment processing solutions and provide point of sale solution, loyalty solution, EMV compatibility, credit and debit application, merchant financing, digital marketing and more financing options to manage their cash flow, as well as developing tailored strategic marketing plans for merchants to increase their sales revenue.: D4 b# p/ R* B
- t# A: z2 O  i& R; g$ Z9 @
Apply today if you are excited about this challenging and highly-rewarding position!
* ^" }  I3 x" d: C; }0 KTo learn more about us please visit us at: U3 Z7 w: f. \/ P, s
7 d/ j% I1 M+ M4 A! w
What You Will Be Doing:
' @& n* g% p# G( M! J5 Q* }" ]# a- Generates leads, cold-calls, and prospects potential clients+ M" J2 h+ ?: o$ q: O6 e
- Conducts in-person meetings to determine customer needs, presents customized payment, merchant financing and marketing solutionsPerforms pricing analysis by assessing clients' payment processing statement, and initiates proposals accordingly8 A+ d( A, L: ?' O1 @
- Follows up with potential merchants by reviewing products and services features, benefits and terms* q( o* d+ q* r
- Closes sales in a timely and effective manner$ l* Z- M; G9 m) |$ c0 M) Q0 O
- Navigates potential lead sources; develops and maintains new lead sources2 E3 ~& U# A( R
- Develops new sales opportunities within the existing client base
  e4 u8 `8 N7 K: V+ P- Builds and maintains relationships with referrals and affiliates
8 E) s1 n& n8 c$ t& i* ?" }- Creates and develops marketing programs to increase sales
) p6 W& r* o, @
4 H6 ^; \3 {6 y' c6 @0 v& w9 nWhat You Will Bring to the Table:3 d# i* B# G6 f4 ]
- Strong desire to succeed in a competitive market and self-motivated
. z5 _* Z( |1 R8 R2 m- Able to work independently and driven by results0 ~2 E% A% U6 t" B8 H
- Solid critical thinking and persuasive communication skills
( C* o# _; E1 f1 W) H- Previous cold-calling/face-to-face sales experience is a PLUS/ f! N, ?' ]* H! x( |
- Previous experience in the Merchant Service industry is a PLUS
: Z% r0 N4 u/ B' i9 q* A- Bilingual skills in Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese are a PLUS
. l. G; q# }# ~; X$ M4 R' K2 v- Bechelor's or Master degree in Finance, Business Management, Marketing and related majors are preferred
8 y" Z, n4 ?5 a- Must be authorized to work in the US( A2 N( a* J% t5 S* j0 B: R, _7 {
7 V5 w. E. i: E( [" T
Why Work for Universal Processing?5 y3 k& j2 t2 Y- j

/ }6 |" g, f4 u7 h) |$ ]/ p4 n- To polish your negotiation and sales skills and become an expert in payment industry/ M' h4 @: c: n9 {9 j5 w
- To get competitive base hour rate and uncapped bonus
% E) f  P& p& g+ ?$ O( L- To experience a thoughtfully-designed career path with abundant growth opportunities8 C$ W, O" ]5 g: ?
- We provide two-week paid training to get you familiar with the industry and the job
2 \3 Y2 L" d9 H) U0 R% r- We take care of immigration concerns (e.g. H1B) for top performers/ i2 K7 k% J4 p* L9 `/ |' `
- We reward our MVPs with all-inclusive vacations and offer great perks
4 @! f/ J4 }( z) Y- We have an exciting and fun work environment surrounded by a group of entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and highly skilled professionals4 a$ }5 C1 j6 e$ Q0 K1 f
- We have flexible working hours and convenient locations7 D% |/ q: ^2 \- c! K
2 |/ ^9 R: G1 y! t
) R! {3 q9 U* t# n1 v+ @
To apply for this opportunity, please email your resume to, please indicate the job title and job source.

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