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标题: Teach English in China! Great Package! Tavel while you teach! [打印本页]

作者: clearsky    时间: 2019-5-30 18:17     标题: Teach English in China! Great Package! Tavel while you teach!

Native English Speaker Needed! Relocate to China, Travel While You Teach  ^) r' E* C7 _% U
; C& ~1 c& p+ P) `* r% ]
ABC international Group Inc. is looking for Native English Speakers who are willing to teach in our 30 schools in China. 80% of our ESL (English as Second Language) students are children and teenagers. 20% are adults./ R- s+ X7 \$ y* B

: p" ^! B3 n9 xPosition:  Full-time% F; _4 Q1 \# b4 W
● Location: Beijing, China. C7 B5 e, }9 O+ {0 V$ p3 q/ y$ d  z
● Contract duration: 1 year; renewable& }/ h& h* z( j; E
● Class size: 10 to 15 students or 1 on 16 e6 j" y, g, ~( Z4 Y! b, {7 Y! r3 H8 u
● Start Date: Immediately. (Year-round)  ^& G: S, {" Y
● Working Time: 2 or 3 days of weekdays plus Saturday and Sunday;
  g% m% u( c3 m: \Total 25 teaching hours per week, no office hours! r+ ~1 C2 t1 Q( v) s2 c
) K6 \. W( u: T3 w0 b$ F6 E6 Z
" E) q6 e- n( k, G● Native English speakers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland8 I0 x6 l4 G, F: J; n
● Bachelor degree or higher in any field
# W, S# ?$ B7 L- s- {& l7 x6 ^( S4 J● 2+ years teaching/working experience
7 ]" f0 g% w; y3 V● TESOL, TEFL or CELTA preferred
/ ^$ z" J: |( c9 N  r" Z5 y; L. u" y1 @, R+ e: s8 y
3 R( F4 ?; M9 d: }● Working visa (if qualified)
4 N7 s0 r. S/ B% f. A0 q● Competitive salary (up to 2500USD per month)# B( Q8 q8 y: p+ \; V, ?$ U
● Medical insurance provided
4 y: }2 o; u( q* P7 _) T● 7 Paid Annual leave days + Chinese public holidays + December 25th and January 1st$ O% m! k: y5 Q. [
● Airfare reimbursement
: B: r0 Q: U1 l) e" `3 ?6 o● Airport pickup upon arrival
) I3 ^* n0 q. v- `6 ~# u# X% y7 U● On-going training, l6 ~$ W, }( Z( T' R3 ~4 w4 j
● Start up assistance (bank account, cell phone, etc.)' d5 O8 J; ~) r9 ]; S
● Housing allowance or accommodation provided
2 P& I4 s& f! f9 _: [● Free weekly Chinese lessons
* w1 o4 z% n- s' t+ W# l) v# Z1 x9 g( Y# q" Y3 S5 Q# ?) U
Plus Chinese Culture traveling to the historic sites such as Xi’an, The Great Wall etc.( V1 ?, Z1 D) c6 _5 @

: ^0 |$ V9 n2 C" N3 k4 b! nPlease send your resume to  if you are interested. Thank you.7 d, f# b: Q3 H4 l. l% b- b

) o. a) }! }# ~+ h* Z1 g7 m- i' ^Human Resource
0 w, R# h1 }7 I1 j, t/ @& D, G" A6 C- ^; K: u
ABC International Group Inc.

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